Enterprise Web & Application Development

Innovation delivered with speed & precision

Businesses are being limited in their ability to accelerate digital growth by complex application landscapes that mix legacy systems.

To ensure your business initiatives and marketing plans come to life, we provide the right technical talent and guidance, at all stages of a project to ensure each solution is scalable, innovative, flexible, robust and can be rapidly delivered.

Helping you speed up your digital transformation journey

Partnering with Vervio will ensure your business is focused on building cloud-native and future-ready applications that let you innovate your marketing programs and customer experiences at speed and at scale. Importantly, we help you minimise technical debt and empower your internal IT team to continually deliver technical excellence.

End-to-end application services

Enterprise web applications

Using modern technologies and frameworks, we build end-to-end solutions via micro-front ends applications and microservices, enabling your teams to work better, faster and at scale.

Modern & SPA web app development

We work with modern web frameworks such as React and Vue making it possible to accelerate performance and useability by adopting a flexible and modular approach to web development.

Modernising legacy applications

We help you modernise and migrate legacy applications securely to the cloud via containerisation removing the cost of keeping redundant infrastructure and leveraging cloud adoption benefits.

Access technical and digital specialists

Your Vervio Team consists of:
- Front End Developers
- Back End Developers
- Solution Architects
- Project Managers
- Agile Coaching & Team Development

Software engineering & architecture

Implementing a quality solution shouldn’t cost more. We design software architecture that focuses on internal quality so this is reversed. It also leads to delivering new features, faster.

Mobile app strategy & development

We ensure applications work on Android & iOS, maximising re-use of platforms and code. We also focus on enabling a consistent experience across different channels.

Scalable and on the cloud applications

To help you scale and reduce maintenance and running costs, we build applications from the ground up using cloud services and serverless infrastructure.

Integration and API building

A crucial part of digital transformation.is the ability to access legacy data and applications which we do via Backend, Middleware and API design and development

IFrame widget development

Grow your customer reach by providing iFrame widget apps embedded on your partner websites-- another interactive way users can learn about your products and services

The Vervio difference

Enabling modern scalable web applications

Are you looking for support to build modern, scalable cloud enterprise web applications from the ground up? We stand up entire teams or complement your existing teams with a focus on delivering technical leadership and excellence.

Delivering technical excellence

Want more quality-oriented and engineering-driven teams, internally? We help by building good engineering practices and using Agile methods to drive higher productivity. You choose how we integrate into your teams, and we will deliver technical excellence.

Helping you lower technical debt

Is technical debt getting in the way of digital capability? Technical debt can accumulate over time, causing productivity losses, unreliable software, and difficulty adapting to business changes. Our team will explore ways to maximise code reuse and downstream systems to reduce the overall cost of your project.

Helping you scale your digital projects

Want to enable rich and engaging customer experiences? Modern front end technologies such as React, Vue and Angular are transforming how web applications are built. We specialise in creating micro front-end architecture and SPA web app development integrated into backend microservices that let your teams handle complex projects better.

Helping you migrate to cloud and integrate applications

We help you adopt, migrate and scale cloud technology; transform cloud delivery and integrate applications into existing or external services like Product Information Systems, CRM and your Point of Sale.

Setting you on a path to continuous deployment with DevOps

We help you set up your technical teams for Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery in automation, cloud hosting, maintenance, and support, ensuring integrity is maintained throughout the development cycle.

Technical Consulting

Define success by aligning your Technical strategy with Business Goals.

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Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation by putting your customers at the centre.

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Enterprise CMS

Choose a CMS to Create Powerful content-driven customer experiences.

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Applications Development

Bring ideas to life using the latest technologies and frameworks.

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Adobe Experience Manager

Deliver personalised, content-led experiences faster with Adobe Experience Manager.

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Get products to market quickly via continuous delivery, improvements and automation.

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