DevOps Services

Ship workloads faster, more often, securely and more reliably

Competing goals and pressure to get software out the door quickly means that corners are sometimes cut, impacting quality and leading to a poor user experience. However, the right systems and processes in place can enable quality, while automating time-consuming tasks for rapid and continuous delivery, the key to accelerating digital transformation. This is where DevOps brings together Development and Operational teams to enable faster development and deployment of applications.

Working closely with your development and operations teams, we leverage modern DevOps and GitOps best practices and automate the full deployment and creation of your digital and CMS related infrastructure.

We help you set up your technical teams for Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery in automation, cloud hosting, maintenance, and support, ensuring integrity is maintained throughout the cycle.

This is how we get results

Accelerate Deployment

Improve collaboration between operational and technical teams and follow Agile software development so new software is delivered at speed with quality.

Improve Quality and Stability of Releases

Reduce error rate by continuous improvement, reduce manual efforts, plus streamline incident response management to release more frequently.

Increase Velocity Through Automation

Maximise efficiencies and accelerate your team’s productivity to get your deploys right every time at speed.

Kubernetes cluster provisioning, containerisation & GitOps

Deploy your workloads in containers on public or private cloud or on-premises with Kubernetes. Kubernetes lets you avoid cloud vendor lock-in or deploying to multiple providers.

CI (Continuous Integration) /CD (Continuous Deployment) tooling

Improve developers efficiency by empowering and enabling them to ship faster with CI/CD build & deployment automation.

Infrastructure Provisioning Using Terraform

Automate and increase the reliability of your infrastructure by using infrastructure as-a-code concept to provision entire cloud infrastructure.

Modernise your cloud to drive automation

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We help you optimise the use of cloud technologies migrating legacy systems. Our Technical specialists will set up a framework and structure to automate repetitive tasks, promoting agility in your business and removing laborious tasks so you can deploy code with less risk.

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